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Since the establishment of our company, we have consistently adhered to the management philosophy of “Customer First”, and have been working to improve the quality of our products and services to meet the needs of our customers. We have been developing our business with the goal of providing our customers with high quality and low cost products. We have made it our corporate culture to put safety first in our factories, and by establishing an efficient production system, we are able to manufacture higher quality products. We will continue to play a role in the timber industry with the aim of
In addition to contributing to the effective use of domestic and international forests and the development of the forestry industry, we contribute to the proper maintenance and preservation of forests, the prevention of global warming, and the formation of a recycling-oriented society by ensuring the appropriate use of raw timber, and by providing a stable supply of low-cost, high-quality timber made from domestic timber, we contribute to the development of local communities by reducing housing prices and creating local employment opportunities.

Chairman of the Board
Masashi Kanei

Chief Executive Officer
Tatsuya Ookawa

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

① We will respond to the demands of society by developing our business in response to the demands of our customers and pursuing satisfaction.

② We will conduct our corporate activities with integrity and soundness and take care of all the people involved.

③ We take pride in the quality of our products and have faith in our manufacturing.

Business Outline

Business Outline

We manufacture “dried wood” and “laminated wood” for housing structural members and have a nationwide distribution network. to supply the whole country with an immediate delivery system.
In addition, we offer pre-cutting services to process the joints of structural materials based on the design of the house to meet the needs of our customers.We are going.
We contribute to the creation of high quality housing with excellent cost performance through an integrated system from manufacturing to distribution.

Logistics system

We are working on streamlining and improving efficiency at every stage from loading and unloading logs and products to transporting them within the plant. We are committed to energy-efficient logistics to meet the demands of the environmental age. We are committed to energy-efficient logistics to meet the demands of the environmental age.

Commitment to drying Drying equipment

We continue to insist on drying in order to maximize the wonderful qualities of wood and to create an authentic home.

Reduced drying costs and stable supply

Rather than relying on oil as fuel, we use the leftover wood from our plant as fuel for a large boiler with in-house power generation to efficiently obtain the steam and electricity needed for drying, thereby achieving zero emissions.

Commitment to Domestic Timber

We actively use bent wood and thinned wood that has been left on the mountain. Making good use of forest resources and increasing their economic value will lead to forest maintenance and afforestation, which will help to prevent global warming. It is also very important to stop the transformation of the world.

History and Development

History and Development

October 2005Establishment of the company
December 2006Start of Fukui Works operations
December 2006Establishment of Fukui Lumber Co.LTD,
May 2009Establishment of Kanto Wood Recycling Co.LTD,
July 2009Kanto Wood Recycle.LTD, started operation
April 2011Ohno Factory started operation
April 2014Moka Factory started operation
May 2014Establishment of Firstplywood Co.LTD,
May 2014Became a subsidiary of Iida Group Holdings Co.,Ltd.
April 2015Firstplywood Co.LTD, started operation
March 2018Establishment of Aomoriplywood Co.LTD,
July 2019Aomoriplywood Co.LTD,started operation
June 2023Relocated the head office from Fukui to Tokyo
About UsGreetingsPhilosophyCompany ProfileHistoryCompany Overview